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Actimove Lumbar & Abdominal Support

We carry lumbar and abdominal support products. Our most popular products are shown below. 

Lumbar Sacral Support Comfort

  • Helps reduce pain through stabilization and compression specifically to the lower back. 

  • Four flexible stays help to maintain positioning of belt.

  • Unique double-closure design allows for a contouring fit around waist and hips.

Back Support, 4 Stays

  • Provides support and pain relief from adjustable, circumferential double-layer compression.

  • Not made with natural rubber latex. Suitable for those sensitive to latex.

Posture Control Brace

  • Helps correct posture by holding the shoulders back in the proper position.

  • The elastic side panels provide support to stabilize both the abdominal and lumbar sections for improved posture. 

  • For both men and women.

Abdominal Binder

  • ​Reduces pain through support to the injured area.

  • Provides support to the abdomen after surgery through compression.

Rib belt 

  • Helps reduce pain by providing support to the injured rib area.

  • Elastic material provides compression

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